Humans on a Mission

Humans on a Mission


Humans on a Mission is a bi-weekly podcast for radical creatives, mission-driven action takers and visionary leaders wanting to change the world. Created to inspire, educate and guide you to living your soul mission in this lifetime. Hosted by Natalia Komis, an intuitive business mentor, multi-passionate, creative light activator and social entrepreneur. Join Natalia in conversation with some of the most brilliant people on the planet today – activists, creatives, innovators, social entrepreneurs, scientists, philosophers, spiritual leaders – discussing what makes us human, what extraordinary measures we go to in order to discover our true purpose and how we can make an impact not only in our own lives but that of others too. And who knows, perhaps you’ll discover something magical about yourself in the process.

We hear it all the time – Mindset is key and that it is our mental fitness that sets us apart. Especially when it comes to business. That in order to create change you MUST change your THINKING first! But what choices and decisions do you need to make to get there. How can you begin to realise what is holding your back?
This episode with Emma Gibbs-Ng, an industry renowned High Performance Thinking coach & hypnotherapist is all about reprogramming your mind, getting over anxiety, understanding your limiting beliefs and working through whatever challenges you may have faced or are facing now in order to thrive. But importantly, about the power of finding forgiveness in order to set yourself free.

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