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This weekly show is for those looking to reinvent themselves to become an author, entrepreneur, podcaster Episodes have you yelling “yes I can” & “yes I will reinvent myself” with how-to instruction, information & inspiration

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis, President CEO of the Executive Women’s Success Institute, speaks on what success looks like in corporate America. “Everybody defines success differently” Per Dr. Lewis, “success is whatever you believe it takes for you to be successful – keep learning, growing received coaching. “

Her course – 8 Habits of Highly Successful Women, helps change behavior, attitude, image, and more.

Website- www.exwsi.com

crack the career code course


Dr. Madeline Lewis gave sage, Timeless advice that has Served her, pushed her to succeed in her career

Success begins in your head what you believe about yourself

Too many people don’t get training, and we call ourselves entrepreneurs

Shifts must happen, especially during this pandemic

Let’s follow those that have “done it themselves,” they are our mentors

Credentialism- we need certified backing to show you’re trained, you studied

preparation tips

Make it sound like you can walk on water you can learn the technical parts of a job later

Don’t hold back on what you can do

Research the position you are going for before meeting a panel

Always have one or two questions that you can ask at the end of an interview

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