Creative Minds Think Alike

Creative Minds Think Alike


Are you a creative entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level? Do you relate to those vulnerable, inspiring posts on Instagram and know it is time to live your truth too? If you love your work but know there are more efficient ways to run your business and better ways to serve your clients then you’re in the right place! The Creative Minds Think Alike podcast was created by web and graphic designer Karima Creative to create a space that inspires, educates, and talks about the reality of being a creative entrepreneur (it’s not all just yoga pants and working on the couch, y’all!) This podcast shines a light on the community that supports and connects us, so we all feel a little more informed and a little less alone. We feature guest experts, talk about best practices, provide actionable tips, inspire you to dream big, and share about overcoming struggles. It’s time to get past your limiting beliefs, create the life you dream of, and make more money than ever while doing so. Join us! Because #CreativeMindsThinkAlike (and that means you, too!) Learn more about Karima Creative at and on Instagram @karima.creative.

Have you ever wondered how to start a podcast? Karima breaks down the steps she took and walks through all of the things you should think about to start a successful show that you enjoy producing.

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