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Have you always wanted to make a living off of your creativity, but never found a way to make it happen? Then you’re in the right place. Our names are Jen and Elke Clarke, and we’re a mother/daughter duo who’s incredibly passionate about teaching people JUST LIKE YOU how to use your creativity to make money online. Over ten years ago, we individually started and opened our first e-commerce stores with Zazzle. Since then, Jen and I have sold over $11.8 million worth of our designs on Zazzle, and so many people asked us how we did it, so we began creating courses and coaching others on how to have the same success! In The Creative and Ambitious Entrepreneur, we share actionable steps any creative can take to build a profitable e-commerce business on Zazzle. You’ll learn how to start your online business, as well as how to scale it. Every episode will take you one step closer to achieving freedom with your time, location and finances. Jen and I believe that you can have ANYTHING you dream of, as long as you work smarter not harder…and we’re here to give you all the tools you need to make your dreams happen! To find out more about podcast episodes, courses and other ways we can serve you, check out And we love connecting on social media too! Find us at: IG: @msjenclarke & @elkeclarke Facebook:

In episode 10 of The Creative and Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast, we are talking about our Zazzle Product Posting Checklist. This checklist is one of the key reasons why we, Jen and Elke Clarke, became successful on Zazzle selling over 15 million dollars-worth of Zazzle products. We’re going to share the checklist we developed to help us to serve our customers and make sure we get the sales. This checklist is essential because if you fail to complete all of the steps we mention, your product won’t be effectively published and purchased by your ideal customer.

Some key points we discuss include:

– Checklist Item #1: Ensure you’re logged in to your Zazzle account.

– Checklist Item #2: Start with the right blank product from the department tree.

– Checklist Item #3: Ensure you are using the text bounding boxes properly.

– Checklist Item #4: Set up your text templates properly.

– Checklist Item #5: Set up your photo templates to the “fill” option.

– Checklist Item #6: Optimize your product for SEO and publishing into the right place in the Zazzle marketplace for maximum sales.

– Checklist Item #7: Set your royalty to be competitive and profitable.

Our Zazzle Product Posting Checklist has helped us become successful and sell over 15 million dollars-worth of Zazzle products. Now you can use it too to help you avoid costly mistakes. Designing and posting the product for sale is so important to ensure that your products are working for you passively to make sales. Be sure to implement this entire checklist!

For more details on our Zazzle product posting checklist, tune in to episode 10 of The Creative and Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast.

See you next week for another episode of The Creative and Ambitious Entrepreneur!

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