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Listen to be inspired, encouraged, and empowered! Karely Brinton, Host and CEO of Branding For Women, brings you the best tips for business, personal growth, motherhood, and more! Connect with like-minded women who have experienced the challenge YOU are currently struggling with and learn from their success.Join the community to interact with and continue learning from our amazing guests!


*Samantha’s Bio* Samantha Hohenshil is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and plant-based cooking instructor helping women all around the country change how they think about food, their bodies, and their lives as a whole. A pioneer of the Anti-Diet movement, Samantha is passionate about debunking many popular Diet Culture myths and putting an end to the restrict/binge cycle for good. Her refreshing, insightful, and honest approach to healthy living and mind-body wellness promotes weight loss as the natural result of self-care and self-work (rather than the intentional pursuit of self-hatred and self-control). Samantha utilizes groundbreaking thought work strategies to help her clients reframe their mindset, approach their challenges from an entirely different prospective, and dramatically improve not only their relationships with food and their bodies, but each and every aspect of their lives. *Samantha’s Story* * When she was younger, she was made fun of for being the “fat girl.” * She spent 20 years dieting, and tried literally every diet that she could. * She would lose weight here and there, but it would always come back. * She finally decided to change the way she thinks about dieting and weight loss. *How did we get here in our society?* * Unfortunately, our society has come out of a patriarchal society. Our country was founded by rich, white men. * We have been taught that we need to be attractive to attract a man. * Diet companies only stay in business if the diet doesn’t work… *How can we change the mindset that thinner is better?* * We’ve been led to believe that if we are thin we will be happy. * It’s not true. * You see a lot of really thin, beautiful people, that still aren’t happy with their bodies. * You need to love your body the way it is right now. * Embrace that you are who you are for a reason. *How can I accept my body and become more healthy?* * The goal should not be weight loss. * The goal should be eating foods that help your body feel good. * If you are taking care of your body, you will lose weight. The weight loss will come. * It’s good to have goals, but your current version isn’t lacking at all. * Enjoy the journey. Enjoy where you are now. * It all starts with your thoughts. * You are more than your looks and more than your weight. *How can we fix our mindset on exercise?* * We’ve been taught that we need to go to the gym and kill our body. * Samantha doesn’t like the word “exercise” she prefers “moving your body” * You can do things that you love that move your body. * Just move! Free Guide: — Links: Website: Facebook: Instagram: *Follow Karely:* * Branding For Women Website ( ) * Instagram ( ) * Facebook ( ) *Listen & Subscribe* * Apple Podcasts ( ) * Google Podcasts ( ) * Overcast ( ) * Spotify ( ) *I’d love to hear from you!* Have some feedback about the show? Feel free to reach out to me at ( ) or send me a message on instagram, @brandingforwomen. You can also rate the show in Apple Podcasts ( ) or your favorite app to help more people discover The Female Empowerment Podcast!

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