Black Entrepreneur Experience

Black Entrepreneur Experience


Black Entrepreneur Experience uncovers the brilliance, boldness and business acumen behind successful Black Entrepreneurs all over the globe. It is a show created for aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners or startup founders. Black Entrepreneur Experience can be any strategy, wisdom, idea that will ignite, empower and provoke more African Americans (Blacks, African Diaspora) to join the entrepreneurial journey. Invoking a movement to stimulate our communities to move towards business ownership and the entrepreneurial mindset .


Felicia M. Davis coordinates sustainability for Clark Atlanta University and is a member of the CAU Sustainability Council.

HBCU Green Fund Leads the Way to Energy Efficiency on Campus. With an emphasis on cutting-edge technology and community activism, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) can lead the way for American higher education institutions providing a sustainable, Earth-friendly education for their students.

Relying mainly on grassroots support and crowdfunding for resources, the HBCU Green Fund will finance campus projects that cut energy and water usageā€”and thus, energy costs–on HBCU campuses. The Fund will, in turn, reinvest the savings it gains back into its sustainability program to finance additional projects. Our three-pronged approach will help sustain the HBCU legacy for generations to come.

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