Become The Me I Want to Be

Become The Me I Want to Be


The podcast that helps entrepreneurs like you focus on driving your personal growth, building your positive energy and giving you the support that you need to achieve your goals so you will win in life and succeed at home.
3 years ago Jeff was so broke, his wife had to pawn her wedding ring. But over the last three years Jeff Banek aka The Funnel Doc has grown to become a household name in the ClickFunnels Community.
He now has won the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Award 4 Times and the first funnel has now received the 8 – Figure Award for generating over 10 million in sales.

In this episode we talk

Being focused and avoiding the shiny things
Acknowledging your ability
The Reverse Value Ladder – when should you push your high ticket
How much should you charge for a high ticket product
Communicating The levels of the offer you make
Knowing your avatar
Work/life balance – how not to sabotage your life

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