Let’s get you a f**kin’ job podcast

Let’s get you a f**kin’ job podcast


Let’s get you a f**kin’ job is a new podcast for graduates and university students who are finding it difficult to start their career during a pandemic. Each week we speak to someone who graduated during the 2008 recession and find out what it is really like to climb the career ladder when times are tough. As each episode focuses on a different career, we aim to get 2020 graduates the help and advice on how to get their dream job. At the end of each episode, we also catch up with an expert to get you useful advice on how to network during a pandemic, how to make your CV stand out and how to interview over Zoom. If you find the Let’s get you a f**kin’ job podcast useful, please share, like us and follow @getajobpodcast on Instagram.

In this week’s episode of Let’s get you a F*ckin job podcast, we talk to 2008 graduate Louise Clements about her experience of finding a job in HR after graduating in a recession.

Louise talks about why she started early with her job search, how she transitioned between different roles, and also tells us why every day in HR is never the same. This episode is also packed with a broad range of advice that goes beyond the world of HR – it also touches upon how you can impress a hiring manager and ways you can improve your CV to stand out from the crowd.

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