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The Talent Development Hot Seat


The Talent Development Hot Seat is a show dedicated to helping you develop the most important part of your organization – the people! Each week, Andy shares interviews with Talent Development Professionals, thought leaders and experts to share best practices, learn about the latest trends and find out what has been successful in the world of talent development. This podcast is designed to give you what you need to be successful in the world of Talent Development.

Pamela Fuller on Unconscious Bias Today’s guest is Pamela Fuller, an author and expert on inclusion and unconscious bias. She’s always been tied to issues related to inclusion with an emphasis on exploring the impacts of bias and pushing a bit more into making progress in this world. Pamela Fuller has worked for more than 15 years in the public and private sectors, supporting clients and solving complex problems. She currently serves as Franklin Covey’s thought-leader on inclusion and bias well as a global client partner responsible for supporting some of the organization’s most strategic accounts. Pamela Fuller’s new book is called The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias. In this episode, you’ll hear: Pamela Fuller shares her background, which began with nonprofits, and how her career transitioned after she received her MBA. How behavior change affects talent development and the formation of a career. The question individual leaders must ask themselves about diversity and unconscious bias and how micro-actions lead to macro-change. Why Pamela Fuller’s book The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias was so timely given the events surrounding George Floyd in the summer of 2020. What effect bias has on your behavior and what you can do to acknowledge them and evaluate its impact. Types of bias and how they impact talent development, including affinity bias and negativity bias. Why Pamela Fuller believes women and people of color are over mentored and under sponsored in their careers. The reason honest feedback in performance reviews and coaching is so important to talent development and how it can be affected by affinity bias. How to identify unconscious bias with introspection and self-awareness and what you can do right now to become more aware of it. How our origin story affects our biases. What leaders can do to cultivate connections and utilize empathy and curiosity to better understand circumstances. Why an experience important to us opens our aperture to the reality of someone outside of ourselves and increases our empathy. How unconscious bias affects workplace performance and talent development and why an inclusive team performs more efficiently. What you can do to confront unconscious bias with sincerity and lead with curiosity. Pamela Fuller recommends assuming good intent along with curiosity and empathy to create space to get to know people, along with leading with questions, in order to build a more meaningful connection. The current trends Pamela Fuller sees in the corporate space and the challenges they’re facing. Pamela Fuller’s career advice that you need to hear right now to achieve growth. Connect with Andy Storch here: ( ( ( Connect with Pamela Fuller: ( ( (

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