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The Good Practice podcast from Emerald Works is a must-listen for anyone involved in Learning and Development or Human Resources. The weekly show, featuring regular appearances from members of the Emerald Works team, plus the occasional special guest, gets right to the heart of issues affecting the L&D and HR communities. From learning needs analysis and evidence-based practice through to the impact of technology on work and hot topics at industry conferences, get critical insights into the world of work, learning and performance.

This week on The Good Practice Podcast, we’re removing power dynamics and stripping away management layers with the return of our book club.

Emerald Works CEO John Yates and Emerald Publishing CEO Vicky Williams join Ross G and Owen to discuss Humanocracy, by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini.

We discuss:

– the challenge the book presents to bureaucracy
– a human-centred approach to organisation design
– the difficulty of putting humanocracy into practice.

Show notes

Humanocracy is available now from all good bookshops.

For more from us, including access to our back catalogue of podcasts, visit There, you’ll also find details of our award winning performance support toolkit, our off-the-shelf e-learning, and our custom work.

Vicky referenced the book How to Lead a Quest, by Jason Fox.

Ross referenced episode 231 — Should we defund HR? You can find it online ( or in your podcast feed.

For more on the emergence of hierarchies at Wikipedia, see: Lerner, J., & Lomi, A. (2017). The third man: Hierarchy formation in Wikipedia. Applied network science, 2(1), 1-30.

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