POPS! The People Ops Podcast

POPS! The People Ops Podcast


POPS! shares stories of pivotal people moments in small businesses while answering your human resource questions with one thing in mind: people first. Work has changed. Have you? Hear from the best while gaining access to exclusive content and a community of people leaders.

Can a small business have global influence? According to Ryan Patel, global business executive and sought-after expert on scaling businesses of all sizes, the answer is yes. Even if a business has no aspirations of entering the global market, Patel says if you can impact individual employees, you can make an impact globally.

On this episode of PIVOT, host Didi D’Errico sits down with Patel to talk why small businesses are uniquely equipped to build people—personally and professionally. You’ll hear Patel’s thoughts on why inclusivity breeds innovation, the global trends that will impact small businesses in the future, and what keeps Ryan coming back to the world of startups and small businesses.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

>>>>>[00:21-00:42] Ryan’s quote featured on the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square

>>>>>[01:24-02:31] How Ryan learned how to scale businesses

>>>>>[02:40-03:36] What keeps Ryan coming back to the world of startups and small businesses

>>>>>[04:03-06:04] Why Silicon Valley needs to change its approach to people operations

>>>>>[06:19-07:20] Why inclusivity is crucial to innovation

>>>>>[07:23-09:48] How to “build people” as a small business

>>>>>[10:16-13:11] How the next generation will choose products and employers

>>>>>[13:40-15:27] Why making an impact on an individual level has global implications

>>>>>[15:52-18:32 ] The global trends that will impact small businesses in the near future

>>>>>[19:31- 22:02] A pivotal people moment: building stronger voices

>>>>>[22:12-23:39] Why nimbleness and adaptability matter now more than ever

>>>>>[23:50-28:06] Ryan’s thoughts on the massive opportunities facing small businesses

After you listen:

– The Big Impact of Building People in Small Business (and How to Start With Your SMB): https://www.zenefits.com/workest/the-big-impact-of-building-people-in-small-business-an
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– Submit your People Ops questions: https://www.zenefits.com/workest/ask-a-question/

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