Activate Purpose: Finding Purpose Through Action While Balancing Motherhood + Career

Activate Purpose: Finding Purpose Through Action While Balancing Motherhood + Career


For many women, becoming a mother begins the search and desire for a more meaningful, purposeful, and successful life. But with that desire comes a feeling of not knowing WHAT you want or HOW to get the life you want, all while facing the challenges of raising young children and a demanding career. Using my own experience as a test case, I will share in real-time my path to finding a deeper purpose while balancing motherhood and career. Be prepared for honest insights and a healthy dose of skepticism as I take on uncomfortable exercises, new challenges, and (hopefully) discover a more bold, confident, and successful ME. To learn more visit

I’m sharing how I decided to speak with a person who unexpectedly showed up in my world and forced me to confront an uncomfortable truth. I’ll talk about how a comment sparked this conversation and required me to ask myself, am I allowed to accept a compliment from someone I have vilified in the past? What if a person you think you don’t like unintentionally inspires you to do something remarkable? How do you reconcile the two? I’ll talk through how things went and where I stand.

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