LatinX Can

LatinX Can


In this bi-weekly interview series, host Dr. Jeniree Flores Delgado talks to latinx professionals about how they turned their dream into reality, and the tips and tricks that have helped them achieve their goals. This podcast provides inspiration, support, and actionable knowledge that can help you too, become a professional.

Meet Dr. Charlie Corredor, an engineer and entrepreneur who identified the power of mentorships and used it to represent the latinx community around the world. His curiosity and motivation led him to create connections with people who later became mentors, and who opened the doors to the world of science, literally! Dr. Charlie represented the U.S. and Colombia while pursuing research projects in China, Sweden, and France all before enrolling in a dual PhD program at Arizona State University. A twist in the plot took him from to the rainy city of Seattle, where he completed his PhD, a business certificate, and became an entrepreneur and co-founder of an early stage start up. His technical acumen and integrity opened doors for him during a time of transition, and the skills he has developed over the years, make him a valuable member to any team.

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