IMPACTBANK:  The Kickass Koach

IMPACTBANK: The Kickass Koach


As a Certified Executive Coach and Performance Consultant, I started ImpactBank to support executives in transition. ImpactBank’s signature system is called ON YOUR MARK… To maximize ROI, ImpactBank focus especially on the first 180 days an executives spends in a new position. ImpactBank’s the Kickass Koach podcast is designed to share stories–my own and others–to inspire, educate and encourage these new leaders to maximize and leverage the early days in a new role and AVOID the common mistakes. Each week stories will be used to illuminate our shared experience and tips will be offered to get you thinking and support you in finding your own solutions. Most week’s will include a blog post or LinkedIn post to further develop the themes and offer additional insights. In 2017, ImpactBank will be launching a PLAYBOOK for ON YOUR MARK… to assist leaders in navigating the transition and in support of the 1:1 and group coaching experiences. You’ll find my blog is at

We may first see the drama in every adverse event, however, the sooner we move beyond the drama the more clearly we see the lessons.

2021 theme: resilience
April topic: adversity
Weekly Focus: adversities’ drama
This week’s question for reflection: what is the drama, that I associate with my current adversity, that is clouding my perspective and blocking or obscuring the available lessons.

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