About Podcatr

Podcatr is an experimental podcast directory powered by machine learning. It works around the clock to find new and obscure podcasts, and file them into categories.

Many podcast directories show you only the most popular podcasts in general categories. This makes it hard to find fresh new podcasts. Only the most popular podcasts are prominently listed. But if it’s hard for listeners to find a podcast, it’s hard to become popular in the first place.

Podcatr finds podcasts from existing directories, ignores any existing categories assigned to them, and automatically re-categorizes them using a machine learning model refined and retrained over several months. It sorts results exclusively by freshness, not popularity. The end result is to list the freshest podcasts grouped in highly specific categories.

Podcatr is still highly experimental, and is guaranteed to get things wrong some of the time – but I find it useful for my purposes, and I hope you will also for yours. If you have any feedback, please use the form below.